How to Add a Website to Favorites on Chrome/Firefox/IE/ Safari

Posted by John Larkin - March 30, 2014

Usually, we could run into interesting or helpful web pages when surfing on the Internet. We would like to come back for viewing updates or new releases. Under such circumstance, if we can add these pages to the favorites, we won’t need to search them again. In addition, if we have bookmarked sites like shopping […]

How to Speed up the Computer like a New One

Posted by John Larkin - March 27, 2014

Day by day, we have installed a lot of applications in the system so as to meet different needs. However, we may have suffered from or heard about complain of the much slow PC performance as well. In some cases, we could even wait for ten minutes to open a desired program especially when we […]

How to Take a Screenshot on Phones and Mac

Posted by John Larkin - March 26, 2014

In the time of technology, computer and phone can be classified as one necessary part of the life. You may own a HP laptop or Apple tablet which runs a Windows system or OS X. Or supposing you are holding an iPhone, a Samsung phone or a HTC phone, it can probably be running iOS […]

How to Set Yourself Up as the Administrator in Windows

Posted by John Larkin - March 24, 2014

When you were running Windows XP, you would be familiar with the Administrator account. But updating the system to Windows Vista or Win 7, and so on, you could find that no Administrator account appears in the log in interface. That is, the Administrator account is hidden by default for the sake of the computer […]

How to Make a User Account the Administrator of the Windows

Posted by John Larkin - March 23, 2014

Receiving warnings of administrator privilege? Unable to change security settings without the privilege? Read this page and follow step-by-step guide to make your own user account an administrator. Generally, in Window XP, the administrator account is automatically shown on the computer, while in upper Operating Systems like Windows 7 and Windows Vista, it is hidden. […]

Guides to Back up Bookmarks on Chrome/ Firefox/ IE

Posted by John Larkin - March 21, 2014

Would like to reinstall the system? Do not want to lose browser favorites list? Read this post and take detailed instructions to back up your bookmarks on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It is a good habit to back up your information especially those much important at a regular time. On web browsers, […]

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows- Step by Step Guide

Posted by John Larkin - March 20, 2014

Want to take record of the program interface with a screenshot? Don’t know how to do it with hotkeys? Read this post and take detailed guides to solve the problem. You may be using a weird program and would like to show the problem to your friend who is not by the side. In case […]

How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows

Posted by John Larkin - March 19, 2014

Usually forget to power off the computer before going to bed? Want the machine to shut down automatically on a particular time? Suppose, you are working when forgetting to watch the time or you are watching TV series on weekends, scheduled auto shutdown can remind you of being late. In some cases, people are just […]

How to Disable the Lock Screen in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Posted by John Larkin - March 17, 2014

Need to enter account name and password when the computer screen automatically locks? Don’t know how to turn off the screen lock feature? If you are using Windows 7 Operating System, read here to get detailed instructions. Generally, automatic screen lock feature can help people to secure the system to some extent as it won’t […]

How to Disable Automatic Lock in Windows 7- Step by Step Guides

Posted by John Larkin - March 16, 2014

Find the computer or laptop screen locked? Do not want to type in the login password? (If you are running Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 system, click here to take detailed steps.) That is, the system will go to sleep mode after being left idle for some time. When you have a password for your […]


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