How to Change Folder Background in Windows and Mac OS X

Posted by John Larkin - April 13, 2014

No matter you are using Windows system or Mac OS X machine, you’ll get simple and plain folder icon and background. Most of computer users would like to change the folder background or icon to their own favorite. This post will outline steps to change the background of a folder in Windows and Mac computers.

Change Folder Background in Windows

Change Folder Background in Mac

Change Folder Background in Windows

Step one– Locate the folder you wish to make change, right click on it and select Properties

Step two– Click Customize tab

Step three– Click Choose file and select a picture from your computer

Or you can click Change icon to set your desire display icon

Step four– Click OK to save your changes and enjoy your new folder background

Change Folder Background in Mac

Step one– Open the folder that you want to change the background and click the “gear icon” at the top of the window

Step two– Select Show View Options

Step three– Click either “Color” or “Picture” in the pop-up window

Step four– Close the window and enjoy the new folder background

You may use different computers with different systems, but you could customize your own folder background with similar steps.

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