How to Effectively Protect the Computer Against Trojan Horse

Posted by John Larkin - February 13, 2014

Trojan Horse is categorized as one of the most dangerous PC threats. Learn to give no chance to Trojan Horse and damage the system.

A lot of people are encountering more and more different and dangerous computer viruses including Trojan Horse which can do greater and greater harm to the attacked machine. To efficiently shield away from malicious Trojan Horse, it is necessary to know how it works.

Actually, Trojan Horse is created as a particular process, named Trojan process, to control another computer. Usually, Trojan Horse contains two executable processes: one is the client and the other is the server. Hackers plant the server to the target computer and the server then creates one or more COM ports to help the hackers access the system. In other words, Trojan Horse infiltrates into the system and opens backdoors for remote hackers to enter the system and steal personal information and damage the computer.

Generally, Trojan Horse can get into the targeted computer through various ways. Among them are e-mail attachments, spam web sites, and malicious free downloads. A ZIP file attached to e-mails contains an EXE file which hides its extensions. Usually only people who are professional in computer will notice or check the file before clicking, downloading or opening it. Then naïve net users are vulnerable to catch Trojan Horse. Besides, junk sites like pornographic pages always hides Trojan Horse. It is advised not to watch or read porno. In addition, some unverified programs could be inserted Trojan Horse. After entering your computer, this threat will hide itself in the deep system by using foxy skills. It can change system settings or files and create backdoors to download other malicious viruses like virus, ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus and FBI MoneyPak virus.

Now we know how Trojan Horse works and accesses the system. We got to take actions to prevent its invasion.

1. Do install a professional Antivirus program
Antivirus is capable of preventing and removing Trojan Horse. Though cyber criminals create Trojan Horse in a rapid speed, it is helpful of Antivirus to do some prevention and safeguard. In addition, safeguard software is a recommendation as well. Meanwhile, it is strongly advised to install professional Antivirus. In addition, it is highly suggested that you do instant updates of security tools. As is mentioned, cyber criminals can create a ton of Trojan Horse a day. Only when we update the Antivirus database can we well protect the PC promptly.

2. Do update important system processes promptly
Trojan Horse usually makes use of system vulnerabilities to attack the system. Keeping the system up-to-date is very essential. Besides, some commonly-used programs like Java, media players and PDF readers should be upgraded in time as well.

3. Do set strong password for the system Administrator
If your system Administrator’s password is under low security level or none, hackers can easily invade your computer and then insert Trojan Horse. You can complete this by clicking Start menu > Control Panel > User Account, then you add password to Administrator.

4. Do take care of unknown files
Not a few people may have been confronted with catching Trojan Horse after receiving files from friends. It should be known that your friend’s IM or MSN could be taken over by hackers who are sending viruses or threats to you. We should develop such habit that making clear what the sending files are in reality, safe or not. Besides, e-mail attachments could be bundled with hazardous Trojan Horse. Therefore, it is not recommended to open e-mail attachments from strangers.

Four tips we mentioned above are simple but useful in protecting the system from risky Trojan Horse.

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