How to Get Rid of SnapMyScreen Browser Hijacker Virus

Posted by John Larkin - December 5, 2014

An unknown toolbar is added to your browser without your awareness? Cannot remove SnapMyScreen Toolbar? This post will provide a detailed manual removal guide to help you.

The Information of SnapMyScreen

SnapMyScreen Virus is an awful and stubborn browser hijacker which causes great damage to your affected operating system. In most situations, you can encounter this SnapMyScreen virus when you accidentally click on unreliable links, download unauthorized software from the Internet, open junk email attachments or visit pornographic websites. After the intrusion, this SnapMyScreen virus will embed malicious files to the Windows registry so as to achieve its auto activation. Besides, it can lurk deep in your system and easily escape the removal of your antivirus program. This brower6 virus can change your browser settings to take control of your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Consequently, you will observe that SnapMyScreen virus can pop up automatically when you open your web browsers.

In addition, you cannot get any reliable search result when doing some searching, for it will display many ad-supported websites and mislead you clicking on them. Furthermore, your visits to certain websites will be frequently rerouted to unfamiliar websites you don’t want to visit at all. On the other hand, this SnapMyScreen virus can keep record of your online activities and send your sensitive information to remote hackers who will use your private data for illegal purposes. If you are encountering such problems, you should take immediate action to remove this SnapMyScreen virus.

The Screenshot of SnapMyScreen

Many More Troubles Caused by SnapMyScreen Virus

1. SnapMyScreen virus will slow up the whole PC performance greatly.
2. SnapMyScreen virus injects many malicious files to the system registry stealthily.
3. SnapMyScreen virus also drops many useless files into your system folders.
4. You will suffer a lot from annoying popup ads and browser redirection.
5. Many misleading browser add-ons are installed by SnapMyScreen virus without approval.

Manually Get Rid of SnapMyScreen Virus

1. Uninstall malicious toolbars or software that cause SnapMyScreen redirect on your system.

To uninstall the toolbar or program which causes SnapMyScreen redirect, please click Start button, click Control Panel, and then click Programs and Features.

For Windows XP users, please click Start button, click Control Panel, and then click Add or Remove Programs

For Windows 8 users, please right click the bottom-left corner in the screen and select Control Panel

Then select Uninstall a program and then uninstall malicious toolbars.

Step1. Remove its program from the PC

Open Control Panel>find Add or Remove Programs>uninstall SnapMyScreen

Step2. Delete all add-ons related to SnapMyScreen from the browsers

Google Chrome
Click “customize and control”>settings>basic options>use as the homepage and make Google as your search engine at “Manage Search”

Internet Explorer
Click Tools>select “Manage Add-ons”>”search providers”>set Yahoo or other reputable search engine as your default one>go to “search results”>remove its add-ons

Mozilla Firefox
Click “magnifier”icon>Manage Search Engine…”>select “search results”>click the removal button

3. Delete all malicious registry entries of SnapMyScreen virus from the system.

To open Registry Editor, please click Start, click Run, type in regedit and click OK.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main “Use FormSuggest” = ‘yes’

4. Delete all malicious files of SnapMyScreen virus from the folders.

%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\ SnapMyScreen \

Video of Removing SnapMyScreen Virus

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