How to Get Rid of Redirect Virus Thoroughly

Posted by John Larkin - January 2, 2014

Home page and search provide changed to Encounter frequent redirects to unrelated websites? Receive tons of sponsored search results? Have tried many ways but failed to completely solve the problem? Have a look at this post and take step-by-step instructions to thoroughly get rid of browser hijacker.

What is is a kind of browser hijacker that puts your computer as well as your privacy in danger. This browser hijacker is created by cyber attackers for carrying out malicious and vicious actions on the infected PC. If you enter many insecure websites or open spam email attachments, you will end up with the invasion of browser malware. The pest also comes along with a great many of free applications on the Internet. Usually, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and other browsers will be in disorder when they run into redirect virus.

As soon as your PC gets caught by browser hijacker, your browser settings will be changed. Your favorite homepage and original search engine will be replaced with At present, a lot of computer users view this malicious webpage as a legit search website wrongly. If you are one of the victims, you ought to know the harm of redirect virus. A number of sponsored links are added to your search results. These misleading results can lead you to lots of unrelated websites. Besides, browser hijacker causes numerous hateful redirections on the browser, which badly interrupts your work.

Apart from the redirections, you will suffer violation of personal data. Cyber criminals utilize malware to track your browser histories and get some profitable information. Furthermore, this harmful browser malware could drop useless files to the system and slow down the PC performance. All in all, it is not recommended to keep in your system. If you find no way to completely get rid of, please keep reading the following post and take professional removal steps. is really hazardous

a. virus makes use of system loopholes to attack ransom system
b. virus executes itself on Windows boot-up automatically
c. virus replaces default home page and search engine
d. virus generates dangerous pop-up advertisements
e. virus slows up the whole system performance

The reason why your security tool cannot detect

It is very sure that some antivirus programs cannot detect all PC threats completely. And should be one of the threats that are hard to remove. Commonly, it uses rootkit technology to hide deep inside the system and changes its location all the time. Thus, many security tools cannot find out its location exactly, not to mention to remove it. In such situation, you should get rid of manually. Please read the following guide and remove this browser hijacker quickly and efficiently.

Get Rid of Step by Step

Step1. Remove its program from the PC
Open Control Panel>find Add or Remove Programs>uninstall

Step2. Delete all add-ons related to from the browsers

Google Chrome
Click “customize and control”>settings>basic options>use as the homepage and make Google as your search engine at “Manage Search”

Internet Explorer
Click Tools>select “Manage Add-ons”>”search providers”>set Yahoo or other reputable search engine as your default one>go to “search results”>remove its add-ons

Mozilla Firefox
Click “magnifier”icon>Manage Search Engine…”>select “search results”>click the removal button

Step3. Remove all files that are associated with


Step4. Remove’s registry entries

Go to start menu>run>type regedit


Video of Virus Removal

Attention: the manual removal guide requires you to have some knowledge about computers. If you are an inexperienced computer user, you may perform the manual removal by mistake. Every wrong step will result in system crash. So you must be careful when removing virus. If you have tried many methods but still can not get rid of virus, please contact our 24/7 online experts.

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