How to Protect Yourself Against The FBI MoneyPak Virus

Posted by John Larkin - February 11, 2014

As many people may know or even encounter, the FBI MoneyPak Virus will carry out malicious activities and aim at deceiving the victim’s money as well as stealing his personal information. As is reported, the FBI MoneyPak Virus is much dangerous to computers and must be deleted in time. To keep safe from this threat, it is important and necessary to get more information about how the threat gets into the system and how it works.

The FBI MoneyPak Virus is classified as a malicious program which is mainly created to attack Microsoft Windows Systems, which first surfaced in 2012. This threat can infiltrate into random system in a few ways. The most common way is disguising as a legitimate e-mail attachment. As is known to all, an e-mail attachment is a ZIP file that is attached to an e-mail, containing an executable file with the filename or the icon masked as a PDF file. The attachment can hide its extension from vision. The victim will become easily targeted unless he is much experienced and skilled in computer.

As soon as the victim double clicks the downloaded ZIP file, the threat FBI MoneyPak Virus will install itself in a main system folder named Documents and Settings. It then inserts an entry to the system registry of the target machine and will be able to run automatically on Windows start-up. Later, it will communicate with its servers who remotely control the program. Commands will be ordered and the FBI MoneyPak Virus will encrypt some major system files. After encrypting the system files, this program turns the screen to black and shows a scared warning stating “Your computer has been locked” for illegal online activities. The victim will not be capable to access the Windows though restarting the system again and again. In some cases, the attacked system was completely damaged when having not solved the problem in time. A ton of computer users turn to us to get rid of this pesky and risky FBI MoneyPak Virus.

Now we have more knowledge of FBI MoneyPak Virus, and then we can turn to solution of protecting us against such ransom virus.

The most popular and best way to keep safe against the FBI MoneyPak Virus is to keep the computer safeguarded by Antivirus software or tools, keep system programs up-to-date and leaving far away from suspicious online sources. Do remember to run a scan to the downloaded data or removal devices before opening them. In addition, it is better to follow Configure Software Restriction Policy in the Microsoft Windows System in case that EXE files get to run automatically while the Windows will provide warnings.

Last but not least, take a backup of all important especially private information out of the computer. You should be aware that the FBI MoneyPak Virus is such malicious that it can affect the backup data in the computer as well. It is also a small tip not to save sensitive data in the system. Then it is not that frightened of getting a virus and causing great loss.

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