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Posted by John Larkin - March 30, 2015

Cannot put up with Vafsearch.com as it causes a lot of troubles on your PC? If you fail to remove Vafsearch.com and fix your browser, you can check out this removal guide.

The Description of Vafsearch.com

Vafsearch.com is a browser hijacker that will show up in front of you when your browser is accidentally affected by malware or other viruses. The arrival of Vafsearch.com will directly impact your browsing experience. Once you open the affected browser, you will find that your homepage has been changed to Vafsearch.com. And you can’t get rid of it completely. Even if you close the homepage and then open a browser new tab, this browser hijacker can still show up. The interface of Vafsearch.com looks like a search engine, but it won’t show you correct search results. To the contrary, this browser hijacker displays many ads based on your searching queries. As long you click on these fake ads, you will be redirected to unwanted websites that are specified by this browser hijacker.

Besides, Vafsearch.com will install vicious toolbar and extensions onto your browser without authorizations. Due to its presence, your browser usability and computer performance will be affected. Both of them run slowly and perform weirdly. This Vafsearch.com will also result in the bugs in the browser and other system errors. Similar to Lab.trovi.com, Blekko.com and other browser hijacker viruses, Vafsearch.com often hides in malicious websites, shared torrent files and pirated software. If you want to remove Vafsearch.com virus effectively, you will also need to check whether your computer is attacked by malware or not. The following removal guide will help you solve your annoyances.

The Harm of Vafsearch.com Virus

1. Vafsearch.com comes bundled with many potentially unwanted programs and malware.
2. Vafsearch.com takes over various browsers and changes homepage as well as search engine.
3. Vafsearch.com redirects search results and displays numerous annoying pop-up advertisements.
4. Vafsearch.com slows down browser performance and distributes additional horrible viruses.
5. Vafsearch.com keeps track of browser history and sells the data to unknown third parties.

Step by Step Remove Vafsearch.com Redirect Virus

As mentioned above, Vafsearch.com virus is able to slow down computer performance and cause more unexpected problems. If you want to keep the system secure, you will need to take steps to get rid of Vafsearch.com as soon as possible. In general, Vafsearch.com manual removal requires a lot of professional computer skills and time. If you are not confident of doing it manually, please utilize this Automatic Virus Remover to do the job.

Step 1:

Uninstall malicious programs and unwanted toolbars.

1. Click Start button > Control Panel > Uninstall a program.

2. Choose unfamiliar programs and click Uninstall to remove them entirely.

Step 2:

Remove Vafsearch.com from Internet browsers.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Firefox, click on the Firefox button, move to Options and then select Options.

2. Under the General tab, remove Vafsearch.com and click Restore to default.

Google Chrome

1. Click the menu icon and select Settings.
2. Scroll down the page and click Show advanced settings…

3. Click Reset browser setting button so as to restore Chrome to original settings.

4. Click History on the left panel and then click clear all browsing data button.

Internet Explorer

1. Click Tools and choose Manage add-ons.

2. On Search providers tab, make Bing or Google as default and delete Vafsearch.com by clicking Remove button.

Step 3:

Click Start button to open Control Panel, search for Folder Options and get into the in Folder Options window. Move to View tab, tick Show hidden files, folders and drives, and untick Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.

Step 4:

Click on Start button, type into regedit and hit Enter.

Click Yes when User Account Control pops up.

Step 5:

Clean all the malicious files and keys of Vafsearch.com virus in the registry and system folders.

C:Documents and SettingsLocalServiceLocal SettingsTemporary Internet Files*.exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMainStartPage

Vafsearch.com Virus Video Removal Guide

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