Three Ways to Change the Desktop Wallpaper on Windows

Posted by John Larkin - March 10, 2014

Are you tired of the plain background of the computer screen? Every time you switch on the machine, the first thing you’ll see is the background or the wallpaper. Usually, the desktop background is blue when you bought the computer. Fortunately most computers are available to change the desktop background. You can customize the desktop wallpaper with a picture from the list the Windows provides or from your own pictures. It’s much funny to personalize the wallpaper of the computer screen. For example, you can have a flower image as the wallpaper to bring calm energy to the day, or your own picture to reflect your mood that day. So let’s do it now!

Before we carry out the action, we need to have our own pictures saved on the system with a location and name you won’t delete or change. You can try the following two ways to change the desktop wallpaper on Windows System. It is much easy and simple to change the desktop wallpaper, please enjoy the fun!

Method one- Change the Desktop Wallpaper through the Desktop

On Windows XP

1. Right click on the blank area of the desktop, select Properties. You’ll see the Display Properties window.

2. Click on Desktop tab.

3. Click on Browse. Open the folder you save your pictures and choose the one you want to set as the wallpaper.

4. In the Position tab, you’ll see three options. Among them is Stretch which is generally the best choice.

5. Click OK and the system will help automatically save the change. Then you’ll see a totally new desktop background.

On Windows Vista/ Win 7/ 8

1. Right click on the blank area of the desktop, select Personalize.

2. Click on Desktop Background.

3. Click Browse button. Select the folder where you save the pictures. And click OK.

4. When you want only a picture to set as the background, click Clear All. Then check the picture you want.

5. You have five options in Picture position: Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile and Center. Choose one you like.

6. Click on Save changes. The wallpaper will be changed to your favorite.

Method two- Change the Desktop Wallpaper through Control Panel

1. Click Start menu, then Control Panel.

2. Click on Change desktop background under Appearance and Personalization tab.

3. Click on Browse and locate the directory of your saved pictures.

4. Check the picture you want as the desktop wallpaper.

5. Click Save changes.

Method three- Set the Desktop Background through the Wanted Image

1. Locate the picture you want to set as the desktop wallpaper.

2. Right click on the picture. Select Set image as wallpaper. You can have your own desktop background now.

Generally, you can personalize the desktop background with the above detailed steps. However, some malicious file, virus or worm like Trojan viruses could change the desktop background every time you restart the computer. Under such circumstance, you should run anti-virus or anti-spyware to scan the system and check the problem. Do remove any potential threat in time. If that does not solve the problem, please feel easy to contact our online tech experts.

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